E-Cargo Bike Motor CargoPower by HEINZMANN


The CargoPower RN 111 Motor has been specifically developed for cargo bikes. It is characterised by an innovative drive technology, robust design and high reliability. Torque, torque support and the reliable axel loads have been designed for the needs of heavy-duty e-bikes. The RN 111 is the most compact and lightweight motor within its class. The outstandingly high torque and equally high power density are achieved through a high-performance planetary gear out of hardened steel and innovative oil lubrication and cooling. The motor offers reverse and regeneration mode, making manoeuvering easier, even on three-wheel bikes, and supporting braking when riding downhill. This increases its range and reduces the war on the brakes.

RN 111 Motor

  • Power: 250 W ... 500 W rated / 1000 W maximal
  • Speed: 190 ... 380 rpm nominal
  • Torque: 25 Nm rated / 100 Nm maximal
  • Voltage : 36/48 VDC
  • Weight: approx. 4.5 kg
  • Speed: 25 ... 45 km/h


Its compact design allows for the motor to be installed in standard forks (100 mm) or standard frame dropouts (135 mm). Also mounting on one side is possible, e.g. on three-wheel e-bikes. The optimised geometry of the flanges enables easy spoking on 20" to 29" rims, 1x crossed. The RN 111 CargoPower Motor is suitable for both rear and front wheel mounting as well as single-sided swingarm.