Frequently Asked Questions

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Technical information

What assistance levels are available?

The system offers four different support levels: low - medium - high - no support. Assisted pull-away/push assistance is also available. The different modes can be set via the control unit on the handlebar.

What speed can be available?

The system provides pedalling support up to max. 25 km/h. This corresponds to the legal requirements for pedelecs.

What range can be achieved with one battery charge?

The kilometre performance of an e-bike depends on a number of different factors: The route characteristics (inclines), load/weight of rider, selected assistance level, riding style, ... HEINZMANN estimates a range of 40 - 80 km per battery charge. With the DirectPower system, the regeneration mechanism feeds energy into the battery during braking and increases the range by 10 - 20 percent.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

Duration of charging process (of completely empty battery) with 2 A:

Downtube Battery > approx. 8 h
Rear Rack Battery > approx. 6 h

What is the service life of the battery?

HEINZMANN guarantees the battery for a minimum of 600 charge cycles. Appropriate handling/storage and carrying out the first charge in accordance with the instructions will increase its service life.

What to do with old/defective batteries?

Old or defective batteries should always be disposed of as dangerous goods at designated collection points. In a community programme from GRS and ZIV, a national network of collection points is being established for this purpose. Many bicycle dealers and sales partners have already joined. E-bike batteries of any manufacturer/type can be disposed there free of charge.

How should the battery be stored?

If the e-bike is not used for a long period of time or no frost-free shelter is available in winter, the battery should be removed and stored separately in a cool, dry place at room temperatures between 5°C and 15°C. Before storing for long periods, it is advisable to charge the battery completely and then charge it again every two to three weeks to prevent a drop in performance.

How does braking work when th emotor is running?

As soon as the brakes are applied, the support from the motor is switched off. With the DirectPower system, the motor acts as an additional electric brake during regeneration. It therefore supports the mechanical braking and the brake energy gained is fed into the battery.

What is the risk of the motor overheating?

The motor temperature is monitored at all times via a temperature sensor. If the temperature reaches a critical level due to continuous maximum loading being applied over long periods, the motor is automatically reduced until the temperature has returned to the normal level.



As a private customer, who do I turn to with questions relating to HEINZMANN e-bike systems?

Your local specialist dealer will provide competent and personal advice on purchasing and operating your e-bike. Please do not send your enquiry to HEINZMANN, as we only deal with corporate customers.

Is it possible to purchase individual components of the system?

The system components are coordinated optimally with each other to guarantee maximum efficiency. Individual components can be purchased, however, at the request of the customer.


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